Monday, December 1, 2008

I Fucking Hate the 80s!!!

That's right, three ! to emphasize my hatred of the 1980s. I really hate them. It. whatever. What i hate most of all is it's recycled resurgence. It was bound to happen of course as the trend proves consistant. We've gone through the sixties return of the bell-bottoms and the return of feathered seventies hair and trucker hats just to name a few "come back" items throughout the past decades. Mainly this is due to the lack of originality of todays fashion and culture. There's nothing left to apparently come up with so we just rehash what we grew up with. The thing that pisses me off though is that these kids hardly even so the light of an eighties day. The clothes were shitty then and they're shitty now. The music too. Goddammit!!! There are countless bands that i see now with their skinny black ties, pushed up blazer sleeves, tight as stupid black jeans with their white sneakers. They even have the old 80s side-to-side dance moves and the fucking"Carlton". Remember...from Fresh Prince of Bel Aire? It was a ridiculous dance that he (Carlton Banks) did, illustrating how lame he was. Now it's even. This is why i hate so much, be it music, movies or fashion. I do take comfort in knowing that these bands will not last. But i do realize these trends never quite phase out completely...some will get carried along after the wave of all things 80s dies down. The leggings will probably be one to hang on among other things. So what's next then? Early-mid nineties? Giant hats, bright red and yellow striped denim shorts? Grunge? And then what?...that's all of our decades of seemingly original fashion. Will we be forced to go further back in time? Poddle-skirts and greaser jeans and tees? Or maybe even further back to the "roaring twenties"? Pin-striped suits with "tommy-guns"...flapper girls? I got it...let's go back to fucking the renassaince era and rock frilly shirts, knickers and tights, corsets that make the ladies faint, bussels with 8 layers of dress. Fuck it, i got it...Pilgrim gear. Mas Later.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blogging...Table for 1. it goes. I'm gonna ease into this whole blogging thing since i'm way the fuck behind as it is...don't need to rush now really. My friends had been hounding my ass about starting a blog in their humorous passive aggressive style...more passively aggressive than aggressively passive. We all do it. Anywhy...i'm pretty much behind the times on shit like this anyway...ex. i just got a slap-bracelet yesterday and what do you know...they're back. Just goes to show you that if you're far enough behind the times, you'll end up being ahead of the recycled trend...or just in time. More on the "over-thecounter" culture later. So! Post 1...over and done. Peace.